Dog Obedience Group Training Classes. Dog Training for pet obedience and competition obedience dog training. Dog Agility Training in Myrtle Beach SC. Murrells Inlet's only dog training facility to offer canine agility for fun and sport

Trainers help you and your dog learn the skills needed to become a good mannered companion or a competitive canine athlete. We stress the importance of K9 psychology to strengthen communication between dog and owner. Free Evaluations.

A Dog's Way Inn is the ONLY certified Canine Performance Events agility club host in the state of South Carolina. We offer training for you and your dog for fun & exercise,. Agility is a fun way to bond with your dog and for competition events. Our annual CPE trial is held on site every 4 times a year in the fall and spring. However, check back to our calendar because we do have other agility trials through out the year. 
Basic Obedience Classes for puppies and dogs with instructor SUE TANNER:
6 Classes of Basic Obedience for $150.00. Call soon to make your appointment or for more information at 843-357-4545 . Classes fill up quickly. A minimum of 4 customers and a maximum of 8 in a class. You will need to call ahead to reserve your placement in the class.
Topics Covered in class will vary ... here is a list of commands we will focus on:
Basic Obedience Skills:
Sit, Down, Wait, using both hand signals and verbal cues
Walk politely on a leash
How to do the two types of heel finishes
Come when called
Starting to be able to handle distractions and maintain focus
Introduction to Dog Training - This class will teach you how to begin hand signal and verbal commands for the basic obedience positions while stressing the importance of paying attention to dog body language and how/why dogs are responding in certain ways.
Highly recommended for any new students just getting started:  Attention, Motivation Techniques, & Teaching Basic positions
Come When Called - How to get your dog to come when called even with distractions. Teaching you how to use the A.C.E. concept to always have a successful re-call & giving you the confidence to have an off leash dog that will respond every time you call him/her.
Basic Skills Class - You'll ask & we'll teach; This class will be highly influenced by the needs of the group so come ready with your questions! This class will have a 20 minute session of "open practice" where the instructor will offer one on one guidance with the benefit of the distractions of group class setting.
Stationary Work - Your dog might be good at tasks like "Sit/Stay" and "Down" but how will he/she handle those commands with other dogs and people around? What if a "cat juggler" walks down the street? Will your dog "Sit/Stay" or run away into traffic? Do you trust your dog to follow those basic commands off leash? This class will help establish the basics and teach you to build strong solid stationary commands: Heel position, Front position, Sit, Down & Stay with focus on YOU instead of the environment.
When signing up for the 6 day obedience class, you will need to pay prior to class to confirm your spot.