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Meet Trainer Danielle R. Pellicci ~  
Danielle has over 25 years of experience with dogs, and has been a full time professional dog trainer/competitor since 2001. She and her dogs have excelled in events including retriever hunt tests, field trials, agility, earth-dog, rally obedience, & obedience trials. Danielle has proudly earned over 35 AKC titles over the years including countless qualifying scores, ribbons, certificates and achievements in other sanctioned venues. 
Danielle is a proud AKC breeder of merit and her "BlackFoot" name can be found on the pedigrees of some of the top competitive Labradors in the USA and in Canada in both field and agility. She is certified in canine theriogenology from the Univerity of Minnesota. or the past 8 years Danielle's main focus has been on the development of her breeding and training program for hunt tests and field trials with her BlackFoot Labradors and in 2017 a dream became reality when her dog "Feather" became BlackFoot's first breeder / owner / hander / trainer Master Hunter Qualified All Age Labrador.
Starting in 2017, inspired by passion for athletic events with her dog BIG LOU, Danielle followed a new found passion and her health and fitness coaching business for people (and dogs) called "Watch Me Smash This" .Today, combining her loves of fitness and dogs ...  2019, coming full circle she has decided to re visit her roots and has returned to teaching companion dogs and beginner level agility at A Dogs Way Inn! 
Danielle strives to teach her students to train their dogs with a balanced approach, teaching and developing skills and behaviors by using positive techniques and only reenforcement of proofed behaviors with appropriate pressure. 

Meet Trainer Sue Tanner ~ 
Sue is an Obedience and Agility trainer. She is an AKC STAR Puppy Instructor as well as a CGC Evaluator.
Sue brings over 25 years of experience designing and implementing learning plans for people and canines.  Positive and gentle in her approach she believes that dogs thrive when given consistent rewarded instruction.   She has experience working and titling her own dogs, Pollyanna and Nellie, in both agility and obedience venues.  Her happy and even tempered attitude supports learners at all levels achieve PERSONAL training goals with their dogs.  Come join a class and learn how fun and rewarding working with your dog can be.