Dog Agility Training in Myrtle Beach SC. Murrells Inlet's only dog training facility to offer canine agility for fun and sport

Dog agility training in Murrells Inlet SC Near Myrtle Beach South Carolina. A Dogs Way Inn has the best agility training in the area-offering beginner agility to advanced Canine Performance Events competition dog agility.


A Dog's Way Inn is the ONLY certified Canine Performance Events agility club host in the state of South Carolina. We offer training for you and your dog for fun & exercise,. Agility is a fun way to bond with your dog and for competition events. Our annual CPE trial is held on site every November. However, check back to our calender becuase we do have other agility trials through out the year.

A Dog's Way Inn is proud to have one of the best agility trainers in the world.

  Meet Karin Shapiro

A former NJ girl, Karin moved here to South Carolina 4 years ago. She resides here with her furry companions Flip and Wager which are Border Collies and Passion who is an Afghan Hound. A Dog's Way Inn has had the honor of having Karin with us for a couple of years now.

Karin believes in positive training methods rewarding dogs for learning something new. She rewards them with food, toys, verbal praise and positive reinforcement. She enjoys helping the owner and dog to grow and have true partnership skills to be the best for each other.

Karin has 16 knowledgeable years of all types of dog training. She has been a trainer on set of TV (such as David Letterman and the Today show), Movies and commercials as well as still photo shoots.

She is currently a member of the A Way To Play Dog Agility Club and has been a club member to  several dog training clubs before moving to South Carolina. Those clubs would include Bayshore Companion Dog Club, JAG Jersey Agility Group, Afghan Hound Club NNJ and formed and agility club for AHCNNJ.

She has trained and titled several of her own dogs for competition Dog Agility and Obedience. Some of which are currently competing in agility trials.


Meet "Wager" Border Collie

MACH Timeless up the Ante

Wager has his AKC Championship and very close to his Championship in CPE. He was invited and participated in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and got 3rd place. He continues to run agility with intense drive and speed. Wager will be going on 11 years old in August. One amazing Boy!!!


So now that you have met Karin, you can reach her for more information on Agility training.  She can be reached at 843-685-4085 or at her email to sign up for a class or private lessons.

Karin does her Private and Group classes on Wednesday and Thursday from 9am - 9pm. On Sunday there are only Private lessons. Please contact her directly for more information.



        $5.00 per 1/2 Hour or $8.00 Unlimited Daily use

(You do have to be taking a agility class or have done agility in order to rent the field.)