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Dog Grooming at A Dogs Way Inn Murrells Inlet SC


Our experienced caring groomers pride themselves on our "start to finish" approach to pampering your pooch. Appointments fill up fast so it is a good idea to book your pup's day at the spa well in advance especially if your pet requires clipping or scissoring. 

 Below are base prices.
Fees may vary depending on breed, size, and skin/coat condition of dog.

BATH SERVICES: (includes shampooing, nail trimming or file, ear cleaning, and blow out of under coat and blow dry). Deep conditioning, de-tangle service or de-shedding could incur an additional charge up to $30.00 and may be charged if our bather deems it necessary.





Toy (less than 12 lbs) $40.00
Small (12 lbs - 29 lbs) $45.00
Medium (30 lbs - 49lbs) $55.00

Large (50 lbs - 79lbs)

X-Large (80lbs - 99lbs)

Giant (100t lbs)




COMPLETE GROOMING: This service includes shampooing and conditioning treatment (when needed), nail trimming and/or file, ear cleaning, anal gland expression (under 25lbs), and blow out of under coat and blow dry. Also includes trimming for feet, privates, and hair cut or clipping).  


Toy (less than 12 lbs) $60.00
Small (12 lbs - 29 lbs) $65.00
Medium (30 lbs - 49lbs) $75.00
Large (50 - 69 lbs) $85.00

X-Tra Large (70 - 89lbs)


Giant (90 plus lbs)

OTHER GROOMING SERVICES: These spa services are available on an a la carte basis. Nail clipping and ear cleaning can sometimes be done on a drop - in basis but it is always best to call in advance to make an appointment. Anal gland extraction is only done with a bath or grooming.
Nail trim $20.00
Ear Cleaning $20.00
De - Matting



Anal Glands (external only)

Medicated Flea Dip $25.00
Deep Conditioning treatment (sometimes required for long or thick coats) $15.00
Day care and Grooming:
Grooming takes approximately 3 hours, if you need to leave your dog for the day when she or he gets groomed, you may add a discounted day care fee of $25.00